What’s new in Olympia Versions ?

For a detailed listing, with PDF files of explanations (in french only), for each new release… it is here :

Espace Utilisateurs

Version 4.7.0 (22/08/2023)

  • Planetary Curves (Transits and mundane astrology)
  • New « american » drawing of wheels
  • Natural Black Moon
  • New algorithm for planetary dominants
  • Quick search of charts by name
  • Charts of countries
  • Aspectarian more accurate (settings)
  • Settings of signs rulers
  • Glyph of Moon vs phase
  • Planetary mandalas
  • Daily Sun Chart (sun return in mundo)

Version 4.6.0 (29/06/2023)

  • Python : more inputs texts and export HTML
  • Natal Chart : new display and print method
  • Indian Astrology : SR and Horary
  • Uranian Astrology : navigation between SR and LR
  • New aspect : elftile
  • Synastry and Transit
  • Asteroids : filter added
  • Chronograms : Mars added

Version 4.5.3 (06/04/2023)

Minor corrections on version 4.5.0

Version 4.5.0 (21/03/2023)

  • Solar and Lunar Revolution : new interface
  • Karmic Astrology : new interface
  • Aspects by 1/2 orb of planets
  • Chronograms Transits (Natal andMundane)
  • Listing Transits Declinations (Mundane)
  • Listing Progressions Declinations (Natal)
  • Lunar Ephemeris in computer task bar
  • Indian Astrology : aspects, trans-saturnians
  • Uranian Astrology : 3 sets of planets for the 3 wheels
  • Esthetic improvements

Version 4.4.1 (10/02/2023)

Content improved for Codex

Version 4.4 (02/02/2023)

Uranian Codex

Astro-cartography and Local Space

Parans (planets-stars)


Planetary Retrogradations

Export function improved

Septenary Directions

Python imrpoved

Astrometric Data

Version 4.3 (08/12/2022)

Invert wheels in solar revolutions + aspects of inner chart

Anteretrograde planets

Windows resizing

Inherence Chart

Draconic Chart

Structural Astrology

Derived Houses

Index of Planetary Nodes

Version 4.2 (09/11/2022)

Planets drawn without shifting (for stelliums).

Optional colors for traits linking planets, as well as their ° positions.

Mini-Charts with resizable windows.

Aspects Listing.

Indian Astrology V2 (transits, Dashas, divisions).

Planetary Nodes : improved.

Harmonics : multiple charts.

Revolutions (solar / lunar) with precession of equinoxes (classic + uranian).

Planetary Hours in the computer taskbar.

Humanist Chart finalized.

Invert wheels in Synastry.

Domification with equal houses, starting from MH.

Uranian Astrology : karmic ascendant.

More options in Search function.

Tools : window to study astrologic ages.

Version 4.1 (10/10/2022)

Color chart improved generally

Signs in charts : settings to rule the color (glyph and background) for each sign independently

Yearly Almanac in Mundane Astrology

Uranian Astrology : Lunar Revolutions and switch Transits to Progressions

Version 4.0 (23/09/2022)

Python : the chart-interpreter (you can enter your own interpretations texts).
Indian Astrology, part1 (the basis…). Much more content in next releases.
The Ruler of Nativity, according to A. Volguine.
Monthly Almanac.
Aspects in sedecile family.
Uranian Astrology : triple patterns and axis of symmetry.
Synthesis tables improved, especially with dignity.
Ruling Aspects
Simplified mode of the software.
Pedagogic content : ayanamsa (french only)

Version 3.8 (25/07/2022)

Size of planetary glyphs, as settings
Colors of elements and signs, as settings
Astrocartography : correct birth time
Transits with precision of minute
Orbs of aspects in mundane astrology
New video tutoral as first steps.

Version 3.7 (10/07/2022)

12 optional bodies, instead of 10
Area of conjunction in charts
Planetary Revolutions for Dark Moon and Lunar Nodes
Comet of Halley, Nibiru, East Point
Improve graphics
Celebrities charts, ordered by categories

Version 3.6 (19/06/2022)

Shortcuts to functionnalities.
Progressed Declinations (graphics)
Mundane Astrology : declinations in transits (graphics)
Link Declinations-Longitudes, planets OOB (out-of-bounds)
Eclipses : cycles ofSaros.
Horary Astrology : better HMI
Daily Chart + export

Version 3.5 (31/03/2022)

Minor improvements of graphics
Graphics of evolutions of planetary speeds
Option : parallax of Moon (topocentric ref)
Uranian Astrology : functions of export
Add foreign cities in database with french name
Better renderings of help texts, in HTML
Linux : install process improved
Sidereal time + local displayed
Domification Vehlow
Ayanamsa customizable

Version 3.4 (26/02/2022)

New font with all characters of astrology
Spirale Evolutive
Aspectarian with houses cusps
Add-ons in Uranian
Chart Sun = House 1
Charts In Mundo
New synthesis table
Better search function
Cycle of Lunations

Version 3.3 (21/01/2022)

Aspects orbs different for Sun and Moon
Filter false aspects
Repetitions/resonances of aspects
Asteroids Orcus (90482) andQuaoar (50000)
Triple Wheels
Group Chart : planets tracked on side
Improve the selection of foreign cities in database
Uranian astrology : print listings
New video tuto for first steps

Version 3.2 (14/12/2021)

Select your own optional bodies, in a big list of 80 (asteroids, stars, moons, eclipses etc.)
Historics of charts
Full-screen charts
Dominants Berthon and BTQ
Developped bio-cyclic index
Interpretations of Black Moon
Uranian Astrology : add-ons

Version 3.1 (09/11/2021)

Group Chart
Birth time precision to the second
Interpretations texts about Ceres
Bug fix in daily aspectarian
New Asteroids

Version 3.0 (03/11/2021)

Uranian Astrology : official delivery
Copy and paste tables
Export Aspectarian
Signs/Houses intercepted in gray
Progressed solar revolutions : 3 wheels and filter on Sun
Progressed lunar revolutions
Triple wheel Natal-RS-RL
Buttons of synchro in transits
Longitudes scale in ephemeris and natal
Customize color of information texts
Bio-cyclic index : add converse